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I have been promised a caravan by my wonderful husband Paul (I have wanted one for ages) but I want to refurbish an old one (pretty sure I won’t be allowed to?!). Look at these beautiful ones…..

The sage green is so peaceful and inviting. Photo is from Dream Occasions

I love the simplicity of this design, with just a few details the look of the caravan has been completely altered. Love the floor. Photo from Cherish Maree Vintage

Wow Retro Look caravan, gorgeous, what more can I say? Photo from My Deco.

Polka dots and flowers, very shabby chic. Love it. Photo found on Flickr.

This is so effective but created just with throws, cushions, a rug and a table cloth. Very cosy. Photo from Prenons Le temp.

This is a similar design of caravan to the one we would like to buy (minus the beautiful alterations)….I would like to completely transform ours as well. Photo from Indulgy.


Red Interiors….

Red can look amazing when used properly in Interior Design. It can add real drama and passion to a scheme just by adding a couple of accessories, cushions or an accent wall.

Here are a few red Interiors which caught my eye….

Red can sometimes be quite overpowering but I think this design works well with the creams and whites balancing the reds of the walls and cushions. Photo from Home Design Gallery

Got to have a bit of boho in here somewhere….I think the hints of red in the design add a really unusual finish, I love it.                                      Photo from Little Blue Deer

Flowers add subtle accents to any design. I love the tarnished gold vase in the first design. The red walls in the second design look great with the pictures and photos which are all a little bit wonky, very shabby chic, love it! Photos by

Beautiful wallpaper complemented by the tulip chair. Photo from Styled Haven.

The reds and greens go so well together and the patterns and textures add so much depth. Photo from Apartment Therapy.

I really wanted to find a red bathroom too and this was the one I liked. I think the bath is amazing and it really complements the toile wallpaper.  Photo from Home Decor.

More ways with Purple

Here’s some ideas of how to use purple in your room designs…..

Purple and gold are actually a royal combination. By using both together it looks classy and sophisticated.

Choose fabrics with a subtle shimmer to add depth, this plush velvet sofa does just that.

Just a few accessories in the same colour as the wall, or slightly darker, and bright pinks pull the look together, as shown by the pink cushion, the purple vase and the deeper purple in the right hand picture on the wall.

I really love this design, it shows for me how purple and green work so well together. The accents of white lighten the whole design up….they could have tidied it up a bit though, they must have known they were going to have a photo shoot!!

Wow! Charcoal grey walls…stunning, and the silver sofa…very sumptuous. My favourite colour is turquoise so obviously the little gorgeous bursts of turquoise appeal greatly to me, but in my opinion it is the purple which adds real depth to this design, it seems to pull it all together. Surely they need to make the chandelier a little higher…heads will be bumped!