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I have been promised a caravan by my wonderful husband Paul (I have wanted one for ages) but I want to refurbish an old one (pretty sure I won’t be allowed to?!). Look at these beautiful ones…..

The sage green is so peaceful and inviting. Photo is from Dream Occasions

I love the simplicity of this design, with just a few details the look of the caravan has been completely altered. Love the floor. Photo from Cherish Maree Vintage

Wow Retro Look caravan, gorgeous, what more can I say? Photo from My Deco.

Polka dots and flowers, very shabby chic. Love it. Photo found on Flickr.

This is so effective but created just with throws, cushions, a rug and a table cloth. Very cosy. Photo from Prenons Le temp.

This is a similar design of caravan to the one we would like to buy (minus the beautiful alterations)….I would like to completely transform ours as well. Photo from Indulgy.


Wall Decoration

Ok so the cabin is now ready to decorate, all of the painting has been done. I now have to get together some ideas for the walls. Shelves are needed for all of the crafty bits and pieces and book and files etc.

Here’s some ideas I have found….

This is very appealing as it shows the differing taste of the designer with various styles of paintings, drawings and photos. ┬áThe tulips on the table look amazing (I know this isn’t supposed to be about flowers….but I love them).

I like the way the plates have been fitted so closely together, it makes it look very streamlined. The nature theme really draws me in. It makes me want to study each plate individually.

The plate decoration up the stairs really works as it’s sometimes challenging to come up with new ideas for the walls in a stair area.

This is perfect for a crafty office. We always receive cards we want to show off, it seems a shame to have to put them away (throw them away), and little sayings or poems we enjoy, so this is a great way to exhibit them.

Wow, this just makes me want to go out and buy as many trinkets and bits and pieces to put on the walls (although this is actually wallpaper I think…but still it’s a good excuse to get some bits and bobs)……right am off out…see you later xx