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Beautiful kitchens

Just found a few gorgeous kitchens whilst I was searching for some inspiration for my new client who wants her whole house re-designed, so thought I would put them on here. I love looking at other people’s kitchens, I think it’s because I love cooking in mine so much….

by Marie Claire.

I love the eclecticness (what? it’s a word…well maybe) of this kitchen/diner. Gorgeous.

by House to Home

I love the mix of wood and white, it’s so fresh and inviting.

by Home Decorating Ideas.

I really love the collection of jugs, the bowl of apples and the office space in the middle of the kitchen, just my kind of taste. It reminds me of my own kitchen/diner/office space.

by My Posh Pad

See, it is a bit like it isn’t it??? Well the concept is kind of the same!


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  1. I cant imagine putting an office space in a kitchen uhmm.. but that seem to be a fabolous idea huh? thanks much… from, fashionable mens long sleeve


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