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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Mosaic Wallpaper

I was actually looking for cushions and I stumbled upon some beautiful mosaic wallpaper by Louise Body and now I am hooked! I will be using very soon….

Mixed Folk

Patchwork Pink

Buttercup Blue

Patchwork Jade




I have been looking for cushions and for some reason I cannot find any in my usual haunts, nothing appeals to me. I kind of know what I want which in some cases I think doesn’t always help as nothing is quite right. Anyway I have had a look online and seen a few that might fit the bill.

Designer Flower Cushion

by Jan Constantine.       I love this one. It’s very feminine without being too flouncy. Hearts always work too.

By Emily Brown Designs. So pretty, I love the grey fabric background, it really brings out the colour of the 3D flowers, beautiful.

by An Angel at my Table. These are stunning, I love the yellow, and the floral pattern is beautiful, they would really add depth to my design.

Bohemian Bathrooms

So…..I was looking through some bathroom ideas and I am really stuck on this boho theme as you may be aware. I know I hide it quite well 😉



I love beautiful colour of the walls, the sheer fabric at the windows adds some light while the gold bowl adds glamour.







There is so much going on on the walls of this design, the shabby mirrors, the old fashioned photos and drawings, the modern clock and the butterfly picture frame show a very eclectic taste. The grey colour of the wall adds a great background which doesn’t detract from the wall display. It takes a moment to realise that there is actually a sink in all of this.



I love the pattern on the inside of the sink. The lace on the walls is gorgeous and very unusual but possible not the most practical wall covering.

The chandelier adds a beautiful focal point in this bathroom. I also love the shiny black mirror and cabinet.

The turquoise goes so well and I would love to relax in the bath whilst taking in all the lovely pictures on the walls. The tiles above the sink are gorgeous.The shower curtain isn’t very practical but for some reason there is something romantic about it. What do you think?


Glam up your bathroom

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We went to the Crazy Bear for lunch last weekend. Beautiful place, very opulent Interior Design but carried off in a classy way. A little overdone but all the better for it. The washrooms are amazing and got me thinking about adding a touch of glamour to a bathroom….take a look at these…..