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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Beautiful bookshelves and gorgeous reading rooms

Those who know me well know how much I love reading, I don’t really mind what it is….although I do draw the line at Shakespeare’s sonnets! I love a sumptuous recipe book, juicy novel, a murder mystery, a good self help manual or my favourites an Interior design or a fitness magazine….and these rooms are where I would love to sit quietly and indulge…..

















Yet more boho chic

Here’s some more boho designs….just for you Nikki. This is the last lot for a while…As I have so many other things I want to blog about…..







More Bohemian Gorgeousness

Now I can’t stop looking for Boho designs, and I have found some beauties…..well I think so anyway.

I love the deep orange and red accents which really complement the yellow hues in the painting in the first picture, the different woods of the twigs, the tall vase, the side table and the floor really bring the whole scheme together without trying too hard to match!

The colour of the chest of drawers in the second design is the thing which draws your attention first, then the complementing bottles and the contrast of the gorgeous shocking pink lampshade really makes you want to look more…well it does me anyway. The mirror is stunning and I like that it shows the painting on the other wall in the reflection.

This kitchen is about as sexy as a kitchen can get. I love kitchens anyway and could look at them all day, but this one does it for me….not saying that I would like this to be mine…..there’s too many dust collection areas for my liking…..but I will just look in wonder. The bird tiles on the right hand side really look good with the design, the turquoise bottles and the light aqua walls look great together. The beautiful plain crockery adds a simplistic tone to the design and I love the detail of the egg timer right at the front. Love it!

Just love the stairs carpet, it is beautiful and very unusual how it is made out of sections of different patterns. It works really well in this hallway.

Beautiful colours and textures in this design. I love how the cushions and paintings bring together the whole look. The wallpaper in the hallway is gorgeous.

This is a great design for a dining room. It has a relaxed and informal feeling to it whilst still giving the impression that a fantastic meal is just about to be served. The turquoise cabinet is beautiful.

This is the height of luxury and about as Bohemian as you can get. I just love it, shhhhh I am just imagining sitting having my afternoon tea with my lovely husband, or perhaps a very lazy relaxed breakfast or how about a late night supper! I think I like this design too much…where can I put it in my house?

Boho Chic Bedrooms

I love this look. I adore bright colours all mixed up together with different textiles and accessories……

This is all about putting as many different colours together and completely getting away with it…..gorgeous.























Love the bunting, you can never have too much bunting!

This is great for a studio flat or as a guest bedroom. The canopy over the day bed gives it a bohemian look.

Love all of the drapes over the bed and the matching colours on the cushions, pillows, bedding and lamp. I would love to have a hanging chair in my bedroom! Please!

This is a cosy toned down boho look.

The colours are so vibrant in this design. I love how they have carried the aztec wheel design from the bedspread onto the wall and drawers. It really brings it all together. The voile panels soften the look and the ceiling shade adds some modern hotel glamour.

The wallpaper is beautiful. The hints of pink, yellow, aqua and green really add depth to this bedroom. It is very simple but stylish.