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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Wall Decoration

Ok so the cabin is now ready to decorate, all of the painting has been done. I now have to get together some ideas for the walls. Shelves are needed for all of the crafty bits and pieces and book and files etc.

Here’s some ideas I have found….

This is very appealing as it shows the differing taste of the designer with various styles of paintings, drawings and photos.  The tulips on the table look amazing (I know this isn’t supposed to be about flowers….but I love them).

I like the way the plates have been fitted so closely together, it makes it look very streamlined. The nature theme really draws me in. It makes me want to study each plate individually.

The plate decoration up the stairs really works as it’s sometimes challenging to come up with new ideas for the walls in a stair area.

This is perfect for a crafty office. We always receive cards we want to show off, it seems a shame to have to put them away (throw them away), and little sayings or poems we enjoy, so this is a great way to exhibit them.

Wow, this just makes me want to go out and buy as many trinkets and bits and pieces to put on the walls (although this is actually wallpaper I think…but still it’s a good excuse to get some bits and bobs)……right am off out…see you later xx


I love organising….my home office.

I find when my home is messy, I feel messy. When everything around me feels disordered I cannot get things done. I always make sure my house is clean and tidy before I start any kind of work… brain just flows better.

If you have a space in which to work, however small, which is clean, tidy and ordered you will find you can work more efficiently.

Here are some examples I have found of small organised home offices spaces.

This is stunning. The colour is gorgeous….fresh and light, and the use of space is amazing.  The shelves add a lot of extra storage inside the cupboard. I like the way the doors have been used for pin boards, calendars and extra storage for pens and paper.

This design uses a very compact cupboard but it’s a great little space and you would never know it is even there if the doors are closed. The use of white makes it seem bigger. It’s a very simple and clean design. I like it.







Here’s some more cupboard offices…….

I love the turquoise shutters….very New England.

The curtains are a great idea to close the space off when it’s not being used. they also soften the look.

I found this blog which shows how More Than Rubies created a home office in their cupboard. I love how they have shown each stage and the end result is great.

Storage Solutions for the Cabin design

The cabin we re currently working on needs to have a lot of storage for many different things….. Here’s some storage solutions which I think would work…..


I love this but it looks a little bit too cluttered but may work if it’s kept tidy.

Look at these pen pots as seen on Better Homes and Gardens, I am going to have to make some of these, they will look fabulous on the worktop but the pyramid would need to be a little bigger to store more bits and pieces.

Wrapping paper or off cuts of wall paper could be used to decorate them.







And how about these hanging jars as featured on Tip Junkie….great aren’t they? They utilise the space underneath a shelf and add a kick of colour to the design too.


Mother’s Day……yet another day to remember how truly blessed I am.

I was woken at 6am by the pitter patter of tiny feet….yeah right…more like a herd of elephants. My little ladies were so excited about Mother’s Day…..they promptly showered me with gorgeous little gifts and proceeded to unwrap them all for me.

Sometimes I still cannot believe I am a Mum. I really thought I would never be blessed with a baby, let alone the two little sweethearts I have now.

I also received a card from both of my gorgeous step sons Lawrence and Sebi, thank you both, it’s so lovely of you to think of me…your evil Stepmother!

It was also Mother’s Day for my lovely Mum, what a fantastic Mum and Grandma she is. She is the first person I turn to for advice, or to tell something funny, to remember a recipe for me (this happens a lot) or just to share my day and enjoy listening to hers. Thanks Mum, you are the best Mum in the world…and I don’t even need to tell you how your grand-daughters feel about you do I? xxxx

Every Mother’s Day I also remember my little boy Joel who isn’t with me, he was born early and had an infection and could not be saved. Although time definitely does heal, the pain never goes away fully. I miss him and on days like yesterday I always say a quick hi to him and wonder how he would be now if he was with us.

Home Office in the Garden

We are currently designing an office in a garden. The building is already there, it’s a wooden cabin. Here’s some great designs which really appeal to me…

This home office design makes full use of a corner of this room. The shelf above the desk provides space for books and files…as does the shelf underneath. White keeps this look light and fresh whilst the wallpaper gives it a bit of depth and personality. The pink accessories and flowers bring it to life. What a great little area to work in.

This is a stunning crafty office space.

The colour red has been found to be very effective at enhancing our attention to detail so this room would work well as an office, craft room or studio.

The room has been kept very light by only using one red accent wall and keeping the others neutral…too much red could make it seem dark and imposing.

This is a shabby chic office design. I love the use of the antique chrome…the chairs, the lights and the bin. Having a desk in front of the window can be very inspirational.


This design seems to make the most of the space available. There is so much storage space…shelves, drawers, boxes, filing cabinets, jars and pin boards. The colours have been kept neutral which makes it seem bright and spacious.

Mmmmmm Cakes!

I was just flicking through House Beautiful Magazine and came across this, the latest Graham & Brown advert, and it made me smile….two of my favourite things in one advert…cake and wallpaper…mmmmm


Original Art work

On the way home from Sainsbury’s this evening (where our little girls had their picnic tea in the trolley) I asked my husband Paul to pull over as something had caught my eye. He is always slightly reluctant in these situations but did as he was told as he says it is not worth arguing…I don’t really know what he means by that!? He stopped outside the Montague’s gallery in Kings Langley and this is what I had seen….

A great painting…. by Kerry Darlington. I have since looked her up, she is an amazing artist. Click on her name and have a look and see what else she has done. I really want one in my living room. They are so bright and colourful.